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【LEVEL.10】The Life of Jesus 1: From the birth of Jesus to the time of his asceticism. Examining Jesus from a new perspective.

【LEVEL.??】English Translation【LEVEL.10】人間を越えた人のためのチャンネル《総合》【LEVEL.9】KoJi,s Deep Max《総合》Jesus・CodeKoJi,s・Code

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The Life of Jesus 1: From the birth of Jesus to the time of his asceticism. Examining Jesus from a new perspective.


Hi, Konnichiwa.
Today I’m talking about Jesus.
The life of Jesus Christ.
I’d like to follow him.

His records are in the four gospels.
The writers were his three direct disciples and one grandson disciple.
Really very little record of his deeds were passed on by the four gospels that these men made up.

In those gospesl.
He was born in Bethlehem, around Galilee Lake.
The description when he was thirteen years old is the last, until he was returned to his home in Israel again and baptized by John in the Jordan River, when he was thirty years old.
These 17 years are all missing.

It was only three years after that he preached in the Israel area, centered on Lake Galilee, and finally, he went to the palace in Israel, and he was captured and crucified. He spend his life in this way.

He disappeared from history at the age of 33, but, after that,
According to Sai Baba in India, He lived to be nearly 80 years old, and acted in North India mainly. We’d like to follow in his footsteps.

From pure Christians.
It is very difficult to admit.

Scripture on Jesus remains in many places in India.
Even from the prophecies of Agastya, It was said that Jesus went to South India. Based on those, This time, We’d like to build on it.

Yes, it’s a journey through the life of Jesus. In this first installment, we’re going to look at Jesus’ training period.
We’d like to follow the first half of the 17 years that were missing.

The scene of Jesus’ birth.

This is the scene of Jesus’ birth, which the Doctors has come and are blessing.
On the screen is his father, John.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
John and his mother, Mary, were living in a town called Nazareth, in the north of Israel.

Nazareth is a very rural area.
Now, according to the legend, it’s a small community of about 300 people.

He lived in a cave.
In those days, the people in that area were living in caves. Joseph’s cave.
Maria’s Cave. They were like somebody’s cave.
He lived in a cave.

And his father, Joseph, said he was a carpenter.
When we say Japanese carpenter, we recall a man with a planer and hammer, who are going to stand up lumber and build a house,
The carpenters over there are stone cutters; plasterers.

They make various platforms in the caves.
Basically, they cut the stones and pile them up.
Stone is the center of their culture over there.

That’s why the Japanese translation of the Bible is very different.
The scene you see right now also differs. he was born in a cave.
The Japanese translation says that he was born in a stable.

I also went there. There were 3 or 4 big caves that goes on very long, The depression at the end of it, There straw was piled up, and he was born.

At the time, there was a population census.
Taking about 4 or 5 days, and getting Maria on a donkey, From the village of Nazareth, Joseph went to the Temple of Israel and registered for a census there. Then, she went into labor, and he found a birthplace to stay, But he didn’t have any. So, they were in a big horse cave.
They borrowed the edge of it, and that’s where Jesus was born.

And there, the doctors from the East found out that a great savior is born by astrology.
At first, they went somewhere else. they went to the king, they found he wasn’t there.
Then they were led there by a mysterious star, they got to the cave where Jesus was born on the outskirts of Bethlehem.
This is the scene where they are blessing the newborn Jesus.

Jesus’ childhood, and a corrupt Israel.

This is the cave house of his father, Joseph, where Jesus was given a lesson from him, having get back to the village of Nazareth,
and sitting at the table.
His mother, Mary, is on the left.

Before this, Originally, the Jews had a prophecy that one messiah would come out of them and shepherd the people of Israel.
I’m going to read that to you.

“You, Bethlehem, the land of Una.
You’ll never be the fattest in all towns of Una.
For one great ruler will come out of you and shepherd my people, Israel.”

At the time of Jesus’ birth, a king named Herod.
He ruled the Jewish kingdom of Israel.
The huge mediterranean empire at that time was ruled by Rome.
Israel, which is in this empire, was a small country of very rebellious Jewish people,
that was unruly.
It is now a terrorist organization. Rome says.
There were several such groups among these Israelites who went against what Rome said.

And from the east country, the doctors came to Jerusalem at the time of King Herod first.
They said to him “Where is Christ, the King of the Jews, who was born this time?”
“Because we saw his star go out in astrology, we went to worship him.”
So King Herod was afraid that such a great king would be born and steal this Israel from him.
And he sent a team to track where these doctors were going.
Consequently, he found out that they went to Bethlehem.
And he was convinced that Christ had been born there.

And he killed all the children born in Bethlehem who were under two years old.
To be escaped from his difficulties, an angel came out of a dream of Jesus’ father, John, and told him to flee to Egypt. he received that kind of prophecy.
And in the meantime, this family was fleeing to Egypt.
And again the angel came to John’s dream, and he told him to go back because it was okay.
This picture shows that when they got back to Nazareth, where they started living in peace.

A man named King Herod, who was ruling over Israel at the time, He was a warlord of warlords; he killed almost all of his family to accede to the throne, So, he was a very fierce or relentless man.

Jesus as told by Sathya Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba said that Jesus was a very bright child in Jerusalem at the age of 17, The reputation that he was the Messiah had been established throughout Israel, and it became a threat to his life, When he was 17 years old, supporters of Jesus mixed Boy Jesus with a caravan, They sent out on a journey to North India, that is said.
Sathya Sai Baba said, when he was 17 years old, Jesus went on a journey with a merchant group to North India first.
It says that he went into Northern India.
By the end, Jesus was 76 years old.

Sathya Sai Baba also said, he passed away here in LaFalle, at near the age of 80 years old.
They say that his life of that age is still in the books that have been written about him.

Encounter Jesus and the Lotus Sutra.

There is a Tibetan tradition called “Issa Biography”, according to which, Jesus first came into North India.
It’s said that he followed his teacher there and studied yoga for about three years.

Jesus used psychic powers or divine powers, That is totally those used by Indian yoga. For example, materializing the nothingness,
walking on water or making predictions.
This is what Sathya Sai Baba and Agastya and others used.

Then Jesus began to read the Buddhists’ “All Sutras”.
It’s said that the age that Jesus was living was when the united Magadha kingdom had just fallen, and the scriptures had been interpreted to those of Pali and Sanskrit and had been disseminated.

When Jesus becomes aware of the Buddha’s teachings, he begins to read the entire “All Sutras”.
Doing so, he notices the Lotus Sutra, and he throw away yoga and the all other things, and just taking it, he went into a secluded area of the Himalayas when he was 20 years old, that is said.
So for five years, he lived a life of meditation and reading the Lotus Sutra during the day.
Then, at the age of 25, he became enlightened.
He realized that he was the Messiah in the Old Testament.

But in the Old Testament, after the Messiah first demonstrated his invincible divine power to the people, he would be betrayed and killed by the disciples like a dog, and then flogged and lifted up on a cross to be exposed, then after three days of death, by resurrecting and showing his image to his disciples, he would turn his disciples into invincible bodhisattvas.
He hated that life. he especially disliked the idea of being killed.

And then, according to Agastya’s prophecy, when he was twenty-five years old, he went to South India, He was living here to escape from reality for nearly five years.

But he reconsidered and decided to spend his life as the Messiah and to live a lifetime in accordance with God’s will, and then, he returned to Jerusalem from North India. That is what Agastya’s prophecy says.

And according to the Tibetan book called “Issa Biography”,
Jesus went around Kapilavastu, Gridlac in Rajagulia, where the Buddha taught the Lotus Sutra, and Benares, where the Buddha did his “First Turning of the Wheel”, for sightseeing or pilgrimage.
It says that he had that kind of time.

So for Jesus’ life.
The Buddha and the Lotus Sutra are the biggest thing in his life.
That’s not at all what the Bible tells us, but If there would be a world or an era from which the fifth Gospel of Simon Peter comes out,
descriptions of them would be all there.

The view that Jesus saw during his training.

This is the landscape that Jesus saw in India at the time of his training.
This is the kind of landscape that Jesus saw.
There would have been villages like this one.

Meals, the food of South India.
And in northern India, it’s thali. Jesus also ate these things with his hands.

He saw these temples when I came to South India.
There must have been many sadhus, too.
Jesus would have seen these goma-burning ceremonies and things like that.

And after he noticed the Buddhist scriptures, especially the Lotus Sutra, those became all he was interested in.
If they are Jesus-level persons, that will be all they read anymore.

The Jews of his day spoke Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, etc.
In addition, learning over some years, Jesus would be able to read even Pali and Sanskrit.

And then Jesus says, “Father, Father,” which is a reference to the Buddha.
“Father “is “Yahveh” in Hebrew.
For the Japanese, it looks like the Jews are saying “God, God”, but actually it means “father, father”.
Jesus, therefore, always referred to the Buddha as “Yahveh”.
The Hebrew word for God is “Elohim”.
So they didn’t use the word God, I said Father.

This word of “father” comes from the metaphor of a doctor father in the chapter of “Nyoraijuryohon” of the Lotus Sutra.
The doctor father was raising his children.
He was using the Lotus Sutra to reveal the beginning of the universe, in other words, why this world came into being,
but he left it in the scripture and went away.
The kids were sad about their dad’s death, but they learned desperately the Lotus Sutra that he left them.
The children who just studied the Lotus Sutra as a medicine grew up to become tathagatas.

At that time, his father came home.
He divided the children into two groups: the good ones who had learned well and the bad ones who hadn’t.
Jesus later called Tathagata of this example in the chapter of “Nyoraijuryohon” “Yahveh”.
He also called him Father. He did not use the word “Elohim”.

The landscape that Jesus loved. And what Jesus wanted to learn and communicate.

Yes, this is a picture of, you know, the Tibetan area.
If you think about it, roughly ¾ of the 80 years of Jesus’ life, he lived in India and Tibet for 60 years.
So for him, the period of time he really lived in Israel was quite short, and rather lived in this kind of cultural landscape.

It’s his student, this man below.
His name is Philippa.
This guy died in Madras, India.

Jesus was looking at these Buddhist monuments too. He was looking at this kind of scenery.
The relationship between Buddha and Bodhisattva. Why did the Big Bang happen in a vacuum?
By unraveling the Lotus Sutra, he reached enlightenment.

When he was in Tibet, he spent most of my time with Buddhists in stoles like these, when he was with these people was the best time for him to be blissfully happy.

So it’s an Eastern life that’s very different from our Western image of Jesus.
With meditation, and the Lotus Sutra, and Enlightenment. Well, he always had these words in his mind.
Buddha, “Buddhism”, “Shakyamuni”, “Shariputra”.
Moggallana, “Pouramitaranishi, So, in understanding Jesus, it is important to understand the Buddhist culture, as shown in the picture now.

And when you understand this thing called Indian culture, you will make out the words that were put together in the Bible after he spoke,
and the divine power that he achieved, all these things.
So rather in India there are a lot of hints to understand the essence of Jesus’ teachings.

The joy for Jesus, and the true meaning of “A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die, or it will always be a grain, and so I will lay down my life”.

This landscape would be like looking at his own hometown, which is the just one that Jesus missed the most.
This is the Himalayas in the summer.
To him, this vast land of India.
He became enlightened while looking at the vast mountains of Tibet, and for him, Rather, Israel and places like that, where insular Jews are entrenched in a small community society, from his point of view, it’s one culture that’s already finished.
There was an Israeli palace there and so on.
And that was also where it’s dominated by Rome again, and that kind of thing was very stressful.

He knew that the beginning of the universe, why did the big bang happen in a vacuum of nothing, and now the earth and we are here,
And, he read this Lotus Sutra, “Nine Dimensional Structure”, “Infinite Parallel Universes of Three Thousand Ideas”, “Vacuum”, “Land of the Buddha”, and the “Three-World Structure” called the “Greedy World”, understanding of these things, and he talked with the “Celestial Beings” and the “Spirits”. He also do so with “Bodhisattvas” and “Angels” and beings like that.

But he knew, from his childhood studies in the Old Testament, He was a man of Jewish culture, where he had to preach, and by being crucified, his teachings will be spread around the world. This is what he understood at the time.

His famous words, “A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die, or it will always be a grain, and so I will lay down my life.
Those who adore the life of this world will lose their eternal life, and only those who hate the life of this world will enter into eternal life.”
These are the kind of words he left behind. This is something that comes completely from the Buddha’s teaching.

After Jesus wandered around India until he was about 30 years old, Willingly, he returned to the Land of Israel again.
And he will challenge his destiny to spread his teachings throughout the world.
This is the end of Jesus’ apprenticeship.

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